Professional Services

Cost Planning

Often clients engage an architectural firm to document their brief in consideration with their budget. These budgets are commonly exceeded once the documentation is issued to the market for tendering.

Another option is to team up with a preferred builder who can provide competent feed back to the design team during the early stages of the design phase. This is generally performed under a Letter of Intent engagement.

See Overall Process

Overall Process


Hexagon Projects submits a Preliminary Cost Plan (PCP) based on early architectural design documents.

Step 2

Hexagon Projects will conduct a Walk Through of the PCP with the architect and client.

Step 3

Hexagon Projects will submit a Cost Plan (CP) based on the PCP walk through.

Step 4

Hexagon Projects is engaged under a Letter of Intent.

Step 5

A Value Management process is actioned based on items the architect, client and Hexagon Projects may have identified as potential cost saving options during the PCP walk through.

Step 6

Detailed Design phase undertaken by the architect. Hexagon Projects provides buildability advice in conjunction with Value Management outcomes.

Step 7

Tender Documents provided to Hexagon Projects for pricing.

Step 8

Hexagon Projects submits a Fixed Lump Sum Tender (FLST).

Step 9

If the FLST is within a reasonable range of the CP, Hexagon Projects is appointed under a Fixed Lump Sum contract.

Key Advantages


You are kept abreast of the potential construction costs during the design phase.


You are able to review and provide direction on the design based on ongoing financials.


Reduces the scale and quantity of abortive design work and redocumentation.


Reduces the tendering timeframe. Expeditious mobilisation onto site.


Greater forward planning, smoother delivery process, earlier completion.

Project Management

Hexagon Projects is able to act as your agent, looking after your interests in a fair and integral manner.

Under a project management engagement, Hexagon Projects will not only manage your project on a day to day basis, but also drive the entire delivery process from inception through to final completion.

Hexagon projects will

– Coordinate the design team and authorities.

– Assemble the Principal Contractor tender package.

– Issue tender packages to suitable Principal Contactors.

– Vet Principal Contractor tender offers.

– Negotiate with shortlisted Principal Contractors to achieve the best outcome.

– Provide a recommendation on engagement of Principal Contactor.

– Finalise head contract details and construct the Principal Project Requirements document.

– Administer the head contract.

– Review Principal Contractor variations and progress claims.

– Provide monthly Project Control Group reports.

– Issue Practical Completion certificates.

– Issue Final Completion certificates.

Construction Services

Construction Management

Construction Management ensures that a fair service is provided for a fair fee.

The client taps into the benefits of Hexagon Projects who provides all the construction knowledge, project management, site management, contract administration, site safety and fiscal disciplines, yet Hexagon Projects does not gain any of the cost savings through the subcontract letting or delivery phases.

These savings are directly obtained by the client as the subcontractors are engaged directly, not through Hexagon Projects.

Design & Construct

Multi residential & commercial

A Design and Construct approach allows for an earlier site commencement meaning earlier settlements and/or leasing revenues.

Through this process, the existing design team is novated over to Hexagon Projects prior to full For-Construction documentation is completed. The design team is coordinated by Hexagon Projects ensuring the Principal Project Requirements are adhered to, developing the documentation in a staged and prioritised manner, allowing for construction to commence prior to all documents being developed into the For-Construction revision.

The Design and Construct approach also lends itself to achieving a more favourable financial position for the developer. Hexagon Projects is provided with the scope to investigate alternative construction methodologies, and materials of similar fit and finish. The combination resulting in a compliant building, but at a more competitive price and potentially a shorter construction period.

Residential Architecture

It is important to Hexagon Projects that a Home is delivered above expectations, not only for the client, but also for the design team. We see collaboration between the Architect, Client and Hexagon Projects as the key to a successful project delivery – all working together towards a common goal.

We also understand that residential projects require the right approach.


We listen to architects and clients and want to understand what it is that they want and need.


We have monthly meetings, keeping the architect and client abreast of the progress on site and welcome any questions.


We understand that building can be daunting. We provide a friendly, patient and informative service. We are here to help.


We do what we say and conduct ourselves in a professional and honest manner. Quite simply we treat people the way we would want to be treated.


We surround ourselves with likeminded subcontractors who take pride in their work and believe their work is a representation of themselves.


We know how exciting and frustrating it can be settling into a new home. We provide a detailed handover pack and a personal induction into the use of our client’s home.

Large Loss

Not all contractors are eligible or able to successfully undertake a major insurance claim.

Prior to a claim made, Hexagon Projects can be contacted as an initial point of call to gain some exposure as to how the insurance industry operates.

Being informed prior to lodging a formal claim may mean the difference between having a successful claim or a short fall.

Major claim projects are unique in all aspects of construction and must be viewed on an individual basis. The requirements must be understood for a successful delivery.

Hexagon Projects treats every major insurance claim project with the same attitude and delivery mind set as all our projects. We want the completion of the works to represent a successful outcome for all stake holders.

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